The Taj Mahal Marathon


The route for Taj Mahal Marathon underwent numerous iterations to get the final release of the present structure. The original route started from Eastern Gate of Taj Mahal, Agra and spawned its wings to India Gate, New Delhi as stated on most of the popular marathon listings.

The course begins from three points:Eastern Gate, Southern Gate and Western Gate of Taj Mahal and lead the runners to NH 11 to Jaipur, that’ll take runners to Bharatpur, Rajasthan via Fatehpur Sikri. The course will allow runners run to along the Keoladeo National Park or Keoladeo Ghana National Park formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, which is a famous avifauna sanctuary that plays host to thousands of birds especially during the winter season. Over 230 species of birds are known to have made the National Park their home. It is also a declared World Heritage Site.

After crossing Bharatpur, the course will lead the runners to city of Dholpur, Rajasthan through ravines of River Chambal. The weather on partially deserted landscape will be hot with daytime temperature easily above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. There runners will join NH 3 Mumbai-Agra Highway that’d lead them to the finish at Gwalior Fort, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The runners will scale a distance of 222 kilometres during the marathon passing the three mandatory checkpoints: Bharatpur, Dholpur and Morena. During the entire duration of the marathon, runners will be accompanied by their mandatory support crew along with support vehicle and Medical Support Team.

The marathon has a cut-off time of 48 hours from the start with no individual time station cut-offs.


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